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Me as a Developer

I enrolled Computer Engineering in Italy at the University of Pisa back in 2015. Here i learned the important concepts of software engineering and i laid out solid foundations for programming in C/C++.

Then here i learned how to program web applications in Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. After that i learned how to program client and server applications in Java/JavaFX and how to interface them together via networking or to how connect them to a Database.

Currently i have suspended my studies in search of something more creative, so i enrolled in the bachelor degree course in graphic design in the University of Accademia Italiana in Florence where i will specialize in graphics and web design.

In the meanwhile i have also learned how to use GameMaker: Studio and Unity 3D at Event Horizon School in Florence, now i am partecipating as a programmer in various video game projects.

I always work hard to learn new things every day. I am studying other programming languages and frameworks such as Node.JS, Bootstrap, JQuery and Python!

Which programming languages do i know?

  • C/C++ (For lightweight command line softwares)
  • C# (Unity3D Framework)
  • GML (Game Maker: Studio’s Framework)
  • Java (And a bit of JavaFX)
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • HTML

So, what can i do better?

  • 3D and 2D Games, for Desktop or Mobile
  • Website Backend
  • Custom Website Frontend

Trick Or Treat

Project realized during the year i spent at the Event Horizon School in Florence, in team with another programmer and many other 3D Artists, Concept Artists and Game Designers. It is a 3D Puzzle/Cardboard top down Game developed on Unity 3D

  • Find it on my GitHub Page.
  • Direct link to latest build coming soon.
Trick Or Treat 3d Unity Game

Dama Multiplayer Online

Project realized for the Web Programming and Design class, Computer Engineering @ UNIPI, 2016-2017. An advanced online multiplayer 2D Checkers game, with matchmaking by nickname. A basic real time chat system between players have been implemented afterwards. This was my very first real project. Actually DMO has not been updated since 2016 and sometimes the free hosting solution may give some errors with the db.

Project for Database Design Class

Project realized for the Database Design class, Computer Engineering @ UNIPI, 2015-2016. The project includes an extensive documentation written in italian. You can find the pdf file here. All the aspects and the processes involved in the designing of the database have been documented.

Database Design UNIPI

More to Come!