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Me as a Photographer

I started taking photos in the summer of 2014 as a self-taught, and since then I have come a long way. In my journey into the world of photography got interested in many photographic genres such as Macro, Portraits and Landscapes. In 2016 i got addicted to Astrophotography and more in general Night photography. I love taking pictures under the starry night of my homeland: Garfagnana.

I have done also Wedding, Interior, Exterior and Product photo shooting. So i am ready to any kind of stock photography! Of course i like being more creative, but i think that a photographer must be ready for anything!

I use a Nikon D7000 and a Sony Alpha A7S II. The first has been modified to take better astrophotos while the latter is perfect not only for night photography,  but also all the other genres! And even for videography/videomaking.

Photos & Contacts

You can visit the galleries to check out some of my best photos! Simply click on a specific category below.

You can contact me via the module on this website, by mail or by social. Just visit the appropriate page on this website.