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I had personal (freelance) work experience as a web designer. I made some websites using WordPress and HTML5/CSS/JavaScript. I studied by my own the main SEO tactics. As a developer i pay particular attention to site optimization and response times. Currently i enrolled in the bachelor degree course in graphic design in the University of Accademia Italiana in Florence where i will specialize in graphics and web design.

Advanced SEO optimization. Advanced loading speed/time optimization. Made on wordpress for a local dental office back in 2017.

The site you are actually visiting. Partially optimized for loading speed. SEO optimized. Hosting kindly offered by

Project realized for the Web Programming and Design class, Computer Engineering @ UNIPI, 2016-2017. An advanced online multiplayer 2D Checkers game, with matchmaking by nickname. A basic real time chat system between players have been implemented afterwards. This was my very first real project. Actually DMO has not been updated since 2016 and sometimes the free hosting solution may give some errors with the db.

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